Adam Peterson TYHO Speaker

Adam Peterson

About The Speaker

Adam Peterson is an award-winning educator from Illinois and an internationally recognized speaker. After spending more than a decade as a kindergarten teacher, Adam now uses his knowledge and talents to inspire, educate, and motivate other teachers to create classrooms that encourage creativity, play, and hands-on learning. When he’s not working with teachers on location, Adam teaches Pre-School and works with learners of various ages in his own learning program. Adam is the author of the best-selling book Teach, Play, Learn! and was a featured speaker at TEDxNormal in 2019. Being a believer that family comes first, Adam spends every free second he has with his beautiful wife, Trisha, and their two amazing children. For more information on where to see Adam speak, or to book him for your own school, visit his website You can keep up with him on Instagram (@teacherslearn2) and Twitter (@teacherslearn2). Visit to learn how to get this inspiring kindness event started at your own school!