Ashlyn Ellsworth

About The Speaker

My name is Ashlyn Ellsworth and I’m an educational speaker and content creator in Charleston, South Carolina. My passion is to inspire and help educators around the world by providing classroom ideas to build positive and uplifting learning environments. In 2006 my teaching career began. However, my love of teaching started way before that when I was a young girl. I watched my aunt who taught at my elementary school and admired all that she did for her young students year after year. That’s where my dream of becoming a teacher began. I have taught for 15 years in grades 1st-4th but my very favorite grades to teach are 1st and 2nd which is where most of my experience comes from. In 2012 I started The Creative Classroom and made resources for my own classroom and then I started sharing ideas and resources with other teachers. One of my very favorite parts of what I do is connecting with teachers like you! Your passion and love for teaching inspires me to continue doing what I love to do.