Dr. Bryce Day

About The Speaker

Dr. Day started his career as a substitute teacher and para-educator at Weber High School in Ogden, UT while finishing a degree in Psychology. He returned to school to earn a BA in Special Education from Utah State University and has taught Diagnostic Kindergarten, K-6 severe self-contained, and eventually became the district behavior specialist. He later earned a MA in Curriculum and Instruction, and taught at Utah State University while finishing his doctoral work in Early Childhood Literacy. Since completing his doctoral course work, he has served as an assistant principal, principal, and Director of Special Education.

Dr. Day has received several awards including Elementary Principal of the Year, Innovator of the Year, and After School Principal of the year for the State of Utah. His hope is to promote inclusion in all classrooms, and to help teachers and administrators develop the belief that “all students are ‘our students’”.