LeAnna Wolkis

About The Speaker

LeAnna Wolkis Goldstein is an energetic and passionate Kindergarten Teacher from Arizona with over 25 years of teaching experience. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, a Master’s Degree from NAU, an Early Childhood Endorsement and achieved the rigorous advanced credentials of National Board Certification. While teaching in her award-winning classroom, The “Wolkis Wonderland,” she designs mini hands-on center based stations that are brought to life with novel realia. As a Nationally Recognized Presenter, LeAnna empowers educators to create cooperative learning environments utilizing music, movement & manipulatives that foster 100% student engagement. Watch how she promotes exploration and encourages her Classroom Family to develop their imagination by following along inside LeAnna’s magical experiences on Instagram: @wolkiswonderland and her website: Wolkis Wonders.