Yanina Jimenez TYHO Speaker

Yanina Jimenez

About The Speaker

Yanina Jimenez is an Elementary School Teacher in Illinois and a PhD student in Educational Neuroscience applied to Instruction and Learning Space Design. This is her 14th year of teaching and she loves teaching more than ever.

Yanina loves sharing brain-friendly practical and powerful tips to help students have a meaningful and lasting learning experience. She is passionate about practices that are research-based, practical, easy to implement and that don’t involve a lot of screen time.

Yanina is the founder of Brain Tips Academy where thousands of teachers get professional development and inspiration to provide a meaningful and lasting learning experience for their students by Engaging/Energizing, Focusing and Calming their brains.

Brain-friendly Instruction & Learning Space Design

Get practical, yet powerful brain-friendly tips that you can use right away in your instruction and classroom design for a meaningful and lasting learning experience for your students.