Ynetia Avant TYHO Speaker

Ynetia Avant

About The Speaker

PrinSELor is an innovative principal-counselor team with 44 years of combined experience in public education.

Ynetia Avant is a principal in a K-5 elementary school in one of the fastest growing counties in Tennessee. She uses her background to reach other educators, students, parents, and community members. Her “real-life” staff developments like ‘Through My Eyes” awakened her true calling of what it means to be a school leader. Her family-centered staff development style has led to a culture shift in the school and community. This shift has created student growth, Tennessee Reward School Status and the lowering of the school chronic absenteeism rate by over 50% in two years. Her non-traditional school supply list approach of “just bring your child to school each day” has bridged the gap between home and school. Over her twenty-year career she has been a teacher, a school leader, and a speaker. “Every child deserves a champion” as Rita Pierson said, is a quote that Ynetia Avant wholeheartedly believes. She thrives to help those around her to be champions for children by building relationships along the way.

Heather Eskridge is a professional school counselor with 23 years of service in public education. She has experience in rural schools, Title I schools, and inner city settings. Heather has a passion for equipping and empowering her students with real-world life skills. She created an innovative college and career readiness program enabling elementary students to develop strong career, business, and interpersonal skills. She champions elevating student choice and voice in the learning process. Heather leads professional development sessions and has presented in local school districts, at the Tennessee L.E.A.D. Conference, SCALI, Ignite Unconference, Thought Leaders Symposium, as well as at the Tennessee Governor’s Conference.

Building Educational Neighborhoods
Imagine a world where K-12 schools, communities, and higher education come together to support our students through their educational journey. What if social-emotional learning was regarded with the same respect as academics and test scores? This is our mission and our session is dedicated to building educational neighborhoods to ensure student success.