THYO July 2021 Conference Highlights!

It all started with Day 1 with a phenomenal show by Audri and Callie! They had the crowd moving and grooving. We learned about the awesome Science Netflix Series, Emily’s Wonder Lab with Emily Calendrelli. Gerry Brooks sure hit the spot on what School Culture should look like as we return in the Fall. Live panel discussions about the Inclusion of all Students as well as Anti-Racist Teaching were the highlights of the day. Jennifer Serravallo was able to give us some great remote and in-person teaching strategies for teaching Writing in Small Groups. Our day closed with Casey Bethel as a Keynote charging new teachers and veteran teachers to be Teacher Leaders as they teach today for our tomorrow. It didnt’ stop there! Virtual sessions included topics of Social- Emotional Learning support for Middle and High School students, Movement in Math, Avoiding Burnout, Black and Brown Excellence, Building and Maintaining Relationships, Creating Effective Environments as a Leader, Being Engaged in the Classroom, Executive Functioning Strategies, Handwriting Tips, Implementing Tik-Tok in the Classroom, Infusing Pop Culture, Interactive Designs in Google Slides, Launching Writers Workshop, Anchor charts, Making Music and Movement Count, Effective Classroom Management and How to Use Transitions in the Classroom,  Read-Alouds and many more! The energy Educators all over the world in the studio audience and virtually  was astounding!

Day 2 was even more impactful than Day One which one would have thought was impossible! Garrett O’Dell hit the stage with as much energy as day one as he was the HOST with the MOST! Virtual speakers’ topics included more great interactive SEL activities, the importance of Belonging, Classroom Management, Using Google Earth for Classroom Field Trips, Ways to Help Preschoolers to Learn to Spell Their Names Through Name Games, Folk Song Fun, Executive Functioning Skills, Staying Organizing the Special Education class and more. Live panel discussion began with the 24%! This was a discussion you didn’t want to miss about males in the field of education! Keynotes included a practical session about anchor charts with Tammy Morris and the “Professional Troublemaker” Luvvie Jones to be followed by great sessions on Phonics by Jen Jones and Katie Garner. The last panel was a frank discussion panel entitled Parents are Essential! Needless to say as always the fun was concluded with lots of dancing, chatting and overflowing heart as educators across the world left ready to TEACH their HEARTS OUT! We look forward to an even more enriched conference in December. Be on the lookout for details!

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